Welcome to the South Carolina Rural Health Research Center

We focus on investigating persistent inequities in health status within the population of the rural US, with an emphasis on inequities stemming from socioeconomic status, race and ethnicity, and access to healthcare services.

We strive to make our research findings useful to organizations and individuals working to improve the quality of life for rural residents.

The Center allows us to build on and expand our ongoing cooperative research partnerships with other key organizations - government, academia, health services delivery and the rural community who can join our quest to improve the health of rural Americans.

New! Rural Health Lecture Series Features Dr. Charles Fluharty

The second Rural Health Lecture took place at the USC Alumni Center on Tuesday, March 21. The theme was "Thinking "Bigger" About Smaller Places: Why Rural Health Planning is Critical to Successful Rural Collective Impact Approaches" and featured Dr. Charles W. Fluharty, who is Founder, President and CEP of the Rural Policy Research Institute (RUPRI). Watch the event here.

New! Current State of Child Health in Rural America: How Context Shapes Children's Health

Dr. Probst et al. recently published an article titled "Current State of Child Health in Rural America: How Context Shapes Childrens Health" in the Journal of Rural Health. "Rural children live in an environment characterized by economic deprivation and adverse long-term trends. These trends include demographic changes in the rural population, anticipated declines in provider availability and the poor prospects for those rural settings in greatest need, the persistent poverty counties" .... You can read the article here.

New! Rural Health Lecture Series Features Cynthia Mil Duncan for a Discussion on Rural Poverty

The first Rural Health Lecture took place at the USC Alumni Center on Tuesday, October 25. The theme is "Rural Poverty: Consequences for Health and Learning" and featured Cynthia "Mil" Duncan, who is Director of the Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire and the author of the "Worlds Apart" book series. Watch the event here:

Dr. Elizabeth Crouch and Dr. Beth Radcliff attended the South Carolina Home Visiting Summit

Dr. Crouch and Dr. Radcliff attended the South Carolina Home Visiting Summit and participated in the poster session sharing information on the South Carolina Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) Program Evaluations.

Rural Health Researchers Talk About Research and the Rural Health Research Gateway

The Rural Health Research Gateway just released a series of videos featuring rural health researchers talking about the importance of rural health research. The South Carolina Rural Health Research Center researchers Dr. Janice Probst, Dr. Jan Eberth and Dr. Kevin Bennett are featuring in the video. You can watch all the video series here at the Youtube

New! SCRHRC Releases New Report: The Changing Rural Landscape, 2000-2010

Our overall findings suggest that rural America experienced the recession that ended the 2000-2010 decade more severely than did urban America. Loss of income, declining population and reduced health care resources marked the period for most rural counties. Rural counties will need continued monitoring in the present decade to ascertain whether these adverse trends continue and to identify any policy approaches that can serve to ameliorate losses in health care services. Click here to read the findings brief.

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Ambulatory Care's Sensitive Condition Hospitalizations Among Medicare Beneficiaries, by Dr. Yu-Hsiu Lin, Dr. Jan Eberth and Dr. Probst

The American Journal of Preventive Medicine just published this study that examined the association between the distribution of primary care physicians and Medicare beneficiaries's ambulatory care sensitive condition hospitalizations using both statistical and spatial analyses.

Thirty-Day Readmission Rates Among Dual-Eligible Beneficiaries, By Dr. Bennett and Dr. Probst

The Journal of Rural Health in the August 2015 issue helps to understand the impact of adequate follow-up care, and how rural populations are successful, would be beneficial to understand.


New! Colonoscopy Access and Utilization Rural Disparities in the Carolinas, 2001-2010

The American Cancer Society has stated that colorectal cancer screening has the ability to prevent 65% of all colorectal cancer cases; however, only 59% of eligible individuals are up to date with their screening. .... Read more